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  • 14 Sep 2013 » The Fox News GitHub Story is Deeply Troubling

    The cringeworthy coverage of GitHub recently aired by Fox News has been making the rounds on programming forums. The general reaction seems to have been mostly mocking and dismissive due to their mistake-laden treatment, but I was surprised to find myself unamused; in fact, I was actively upset. It wasn't the minutiae, like their incorrect term usage. Although I failed to suppress an eye-roll at the line, "I'd like to fork a repo on GitHub, but I need to send a pull request first", that is hardly worth getting worked up over. The fact that it was slightly uncomfortable isn't what bothered me either. I have difficulty watching situations that I feel are embarrassing (I often couldn't even look at the screen when watching "The Office"), but after I cleared the first 40 squirm-inducing seconds, the rest wasn't so bad. It took some time for me to assess my feelings, but I eventually realized that what bothered me was the portrayal of GitHub users as a geeky, byzantine subculture.

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  • 25 Aug 2013 » Algorithmic Tradeoffs In Scala

    As I'm prone to doing, several weeks ago I hijacked a discussion on HackerNews covering Go to steer the discussion towards Scala. The context was around Go's switch statement, which is somewhat more powerful than that found in C et al. I couldn't resist the opportunity to point out how awesome pattern matching in Scala is, noting that it is like "switch on steroids" according to scala-lang. The toy example I came up with centered around the problem of getting all leaf node values from a binary tree.

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  • 17 Aug 2013 » Kal Me Maybe

    A post just went up on HackerNews recently announcing a new JavaScript-transpiled language named Kal. In the author's own words, the main design goals of Kal are:

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